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What is a purifier air?

What is an air purifier?An air purifier is a mobile device designed to purify the indoor atmosphere. It is equipped with several filters that capture pollutants in suspension, in particular the fine particles responsible for many allergies and which cannot be removed by a vacuum cleaner.

An air purifier is one. It is equipped with several filters that capture pollutants in suspension, in particular the fine particles responsible for many allergies and which cannot be removed by a vacuum cleaner.

The objective is therefore to get rid of everything that can alter our health. Sanitized and purified air contributes to our well-being. Improving air quality is particularly crucial for vulnerable people such as young children and the elderly.

The air purifier can be carried from room to room to sanitize the whole house. We present in detail the best products in this comparison.

Information on the top 7 manufacturers and brands of air purifiers

  • Alps Technology from Air Care Labs
  • Dyson
  • Fellowes
  • Levoit
  • NatéoSanté
  • Philips
  • Rowenta

Founded in 2017, this young French start-up was born from the collaboration of an engineer in new technologies green fields and a medical expert specializing in air pollution. The engineer, a father who wanted his children to breathe better air, developed an air purifier. The practical tests on his own housing having proved conclusive, he joined forces with a medical expert to offer a device at a competitive price, which very quickly appeared in the various comparisons.

The English company Dyson is well known in reviews for its innovative concepts. The inventor of the first bagless vacuum cleaner and many other revolutionary devices came up with his first air purifier in 2016. He reused the best of the cutting-edge technologies from his previous inventions, including fans and heaters or cooling. Rated as one of the best brands for its vacuum cleaners in consumer tests and comparisons, Dyson offers high quality air purifiers.

The American manufacturer of devices intended to improve comfort and safety at work became interested in air purifiers very early on. It offers a wide range of products that regularly rank high in proficiency tests, reviews and customer reviews.

A young American company founded in 2017, < span rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Levoit dedicates its products to home comfort. The brand offers a wide variety of products such as assistants for the practice of yoga, salt lamps or humidifiers. His favorite field, however, remains that of air purifiers. To best meet the needs of its customers and ensure the best after-sales service, it has set up offices all over the world, including Germany. It often appears in comparisons of the best products.

This small company created in 2009 has become a company managed by six people and installed in an eco-designed building. The original idea of ​​its founder was to provide healthy air to his newborn: he therefore specialized in the design of air purifiers made in France. If the prices of certain models seem high, customer reviews and analyzes published in various comparisons regularly rank NatéoSanté products among the best.

Created in 1891 and first specialized in lighting, Philips quickly diversified after the creation of a high-performance research laboratory. Televisions and shavers were followed by a range of home appliances. At present, Philips is mainly dedicated to devices for the medical and health world. Air purifiers have been added to its offer, with several models for cleaning large areas. Philips products are generally very high in the comparisons.

Founded in 1884 in Germany, Rowenta< /span> specializes in the marketing of household electrical appliances. While its coffee makers and irons are well known, Rowenta has diversified its offering in recent years by focusing on personal care. It is therefore only natural that the brand has offered a complete range of air purifiers on the market. In this area, it obtains very good marks in tests and always ranks highly in customer reviews and comparisons.

How does an air purifier work?

How exactly does an air purifier work? The principle of < span>treat all airborne impurities. As these vary in size, air purifiers are generally equipped with several types of filters. The number and specificity of these filters greatly affect the performance of the device.

The principle of this device is to. Since these come in various sizes, air purifiers are usually. The number and specificity of these filters greatly influence the performance of the device.

The first filter, also called “pre-filter”, aims to capture macro-residues< /strong>: those that can be seen with the naked eye and that measure a few millimeters (hair, animal hair, threads or large dust). The purpose of this pre-filter is to offer better performance to the following filters intended to trap fine particles that are more harmful to our respiratory system. For better efficiency, it is important that the purifier is equipped with several filters. The role of the HEPA filter is to filter particles with a diameter of less than 0.3 µm2. To pass certification tests, it must destroy at least 99.97% of these particles.

The purifiers that are equipped with it obtain the best results in tests and product comparisons. Those that often come out on top in the tests are also equipped with a carbon filter. This removes odors, chemicals and gases that the HEPA filter cannot. At the end of the treatment, the purified air is released into the room.

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Benefits & areas of application

Give the benefits of air purifiers?The main advantage of an air purifier is to make the air more breathable, especially for

The main advantage of an air purifier is, especially for people sensitive to allergies . This device is particularly recommended for purifying the air breathed by young children, the elderly or the sick. People with allergies to dust mites, dust and micro-molds who use an air purifier generally see a rapid improvement in their condition.

Many places receiving an at-risk public are equipped with purifiers: hospitals, nurseries, swimming pools or retirement homes are places where the benefit of an air purifier is clearly felt. This device can also be found in workshops where employees are particularly exposed to micro-particles.

What types of air purifiers are there?

There are mainly five types of air purifiers. This is important data to take into account when it comes to comparing the different types of devices. If you consult a comparison before making your purchase (which we recommend), remember to check that the type of purification is clearly specified in the comparisons.

The ionization or electrostatic air purifier

Its principle is based on the soothing and energizing effect of negative ions or anions. They are the ones found in forests or by the sea. The ionizer generates a quantity of ions inside.

The polluting particles, which are positively charged, are automatically attracted by the anions. Little by little, they become heavier and fall back into the device or to the ground.


  • Economical.
  • Fast.
  • Silent.
  • Effective for very small particles.


  • The particles are not destroyed: it is therefore also necessary to vacuum and clean the floor.

The air purifier with filtration

What types of air purifiers are there?We saw it at the beginning of this comparison: the HEPA filter is a high performance that retains extremely fine particles. It is very effective in trapping dust mites, the

We saw at the beginning of this comparison: the is a high-performance filter that retains extremely fine particles. It is for trapping dust mites, pollen, ultrafine dust or combustion residues.

As chemical or gaseous substances are not treated, this filter is generally accompanied by a carbon filter. In the field of air purifiers, it is this combination of filters that achieves the best results, both when studying user reviews and comparative tests.


  • The captured pollution remains in the filter: it is therefore effectively eliminated from the room.


  • The technique requires the use of ventilation which can be noisy. This is an important point to consider when using a comparison.
  • Filters need to be changed regularly to remain effective.

Plasma air purifier

Its technology is reminiscent of that of ionization: it consists of exciting the oxygen in the air to generate molecules that are propelled into the room to attack pollutants. Charged, these are recovered in a cartridge inside the device. Plasma damages the walls of viruses and bacteria, making them ineffective.


  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses.


  • The released molecules clutter the air with free radicals that are harmful to health. The technology should therefore be reserved for rooms that are not constantly used.

The photocatalytic air purifier

This type of air purifier is equipped with a catalyst tube often coated with titanium dioxide. Under the action of the light projected on the catalyst, the pollutants are oxidized, neutralizeds and transformed into water and carbon dioxide.


  • Silent.
  • Destruction of biological and chemical pollutants.


  • Risk of rejection of free radicals.
  • Mandatory light source.

Combustion air purifier

The air entering this air purifier is heated to 200°C, which destroys all pollutants, including viruses. It is then cooled and reinjected into the perfectly purified room.


  • Silent.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.


  • Long processing.
  • High power consumption.

This is how the air purifier is tested

A number of criteria are taken into account to put the product to the test and establish a comparison. These characteristics mainly relate to the following points.

The technology used

The survey focuses primarily on the type of technology: filter, ionization, plasma, combustion or photocatalysis. These different processes are often combined for better efficiency.

A weighting is applied according to the neutralization or not of the disadvantages and the opinions are nuanced in the comparisons.

The percentage of particles eliminated

How to properly test an air purifier in a winning comparison?The test often takes place in a closed room in which a bouquet of pollutants has been injected. The test is continuously monitored in order to measure the rate of particles eliminated over the hours. The test result shows the time required to eliminate more 90% of impurities.

The sound level

The test often takes place in a closed room in which a bouquet of pollutants has been injected. The estin order to measure the rate of particles eliminated over the hours.

The air purifier being intended for living rooms, it is important to make a practical sound level test to measure decibel level. The results are included in the comparative tables.


Air purifiers are also compared on the level of their consumption. This concerns both power consumption and the replacement of operating parts such as filters. A cheap device, for example, can be more expensive to use. This is why it is important to consult comparisons like ours.


The presence or absence of options can have an influence on the choice of your air purifier. This is why comparisons often include this criterion. The product can for example be fitted with wear indicators, an air quality display or smartphone control system, a programmer, etc.


To ensure that every room in your home is treated, you will need to move your air purifier regularly. It is therefore important that it is easy to handle, not too bulky and as light as possible: our comparison presents these characteristics for the best products.

Product Rating

From smallest to largest, we’ve reviewed three of the best air purifiers on the market. Here is their comparison.

LEVOIT LV-Vista 200

Description of the LEVOIT LV-Vista 200 air purifier in a comparisonThe Levoit LV Vista 200 air purifier appears at the top of sales and in the comparisons after only six months of presence. With its small size (20 cm in diameter and 33 cm in height), it is particularly handy. It is equipped with three filters allowing 99.97% elimination of all types of pollutants (organic matter, fine particles, odors, etc.).

The Levoitet LV Vista 200 air purifier in the reviews after only six months of presence. With its small size (20 cm in diameter and 33 cm in height), it is particularly. It is equipped withallowing a 99.97% elimination of all types of pollutants (organic matter, fine particles, odors, etc.).

The pre-filter, the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter make it a highly efficient air purifier. The LV-Vista 200 perfectly meets the needs of users with allergies. It also has excellent value for money, although it is a bit noisy when used at high power.

Fortunately, the LV-Vista 200 air purifier has a night light mode, which can effectively reduce the noise level. The night light can be turned off without interfering with the operation of the appliance.


The features of the ALPS TECHNOLOGY PA M1 air purifier in a comparisonThe Alps Technology PA M1 air purifier from Air Care Labs is one of the most successful in the destruction of harmful substances. It combines several technologies for better efficiency: it is equipped with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, a formaldehyde filter and an ionizer. The Alps Technology PA M1 thus meets the requirements of medical checks.

The Alps Technology PA M1 air purifier from the company Air Care Labs is when it comes to the destruction of harmful substances. It combines: it is equipped with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, a formaldehyde filter and an ionizer. The Alps Technology PA M1 thus meets the requirements requested during medical checks.

This air purifier really eliminates odors, even if it can be criticized for sometimes replacing them by a smell of plastic. Aesthetic, it knows how to remain discreet with its dimensions of 16.5 x 33 cm for a height of 54 cm. Weighing just 5 kg, it can be easily transported. Users who had already tested another model generally noticed a better purification of the atmosphere. We can however regret that this Alps Technology PA M1 air purifier does not have a function to completely eliminate the lighting and that it is dedicated to small rooms.

Philips AC3256/10

Description of the Philips AC325610 air purifier in a winning comparisonThe Philips air purifier AC3256/10 suitable for large rooms: it can treat an area of ​​up to 95 m². It has a performance rate of 99.99% when it comes to eliminating Aesthetic with its central light porthole.

The Philips AC3256/10 air purifier: it can treat an area of ​​up to 95 m². It has a performance rate of 99.99% when it comes to eliminating bacteria and viruses. Of a substantial size (L 36.6 x W 25.1 x H 69.8 cm), the Philips AC3256/10 air purifier remains however with its central light porthole.

It is equipped with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. The air quality display allows you to follow the progress of the operation. It achieves good performance and the effects are quickly felt by allergy sufferers. Its weight of 8 kg constitutes a slight handicap for movement, especially if you have to climb a floor.

The Philips AC3256/10 air purifier is a little noisy in the first part of the purification, but the noise is acceptable in maintenance mode.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer reviews

Here are the main benefits highlighted in user reviews:

  • Very effective in avoiding allergies: most customers who installed an air purifier saw a rapid improvement in their condition.
  • Eliminates bad smells: it is appreciated by smokers, pet owners and cooks.
  • Quiet: those who install an air purifier in their room favor this advantage.
  • Aesthetics: an important aspect when the air purifier takes pride of place in the living room.
  • Easy to carry: the device is often meant to be taken from room to room.
  • Eliminates all types of pollutants: the air is truly purified.
  • Very practical automatic mode: the air purifier detects the level of pollution and starts up.
  • The level of pollution is visible on a screen: practical for checks.
  • The maintenance of the air purifier is very easy.
  • The light is discreet or can be suppressed.

Some air purifiers also have disadvantages< /strong>:

  • Noisy: this is the criticism of some air purifiers operating at full power.
  • Fragile: several cases of malfunctions have been reported after a few months of testing.
  • Bulky: a disadvantage often mentioned for the most powerful models.
  • Emission of a plastic smell.
  • Heavy: inconvenient for those who have to move it often.
  • The light is inconvenient at night if it cannot be turned off during treatment.
  • Complicated to use: a disadvantage often criticized for overly sophisticated devices.
  • No instructions in French.
  • Odors are not eliminated.
  • High price.

What should be considered when buying an air purifier?

What should be considered when buying an air purifier?The study of customer reviews allows us to identify shortcomings and frequent failures. Consulting a comparative table is indispensable. Presentation as a juxtaposition is better for control.

The allows us to. The consultation of one reveals itself. Presentation in the form of juxtaposition is better for control.

You must clearly define your needs and not necessarily select the winning air purifier in the comparison if its characteristics are not not suited to your needs. You must define the surface to be purified and not choose a model that is too small or oversized. The sound level, the size and the weight are also criteria to look closely at to make the best choice.

Air purifiers do not necessarily treat all types of pollutants, you have to make sure that it meets your needs.

Alternatives to the air purifier

While this is often the best solution, buying an air purifier is not the only way to solve the problems posed by indoor pollution. The installation of acentralized vacuuming, which removes fine particles, can be considered when building a home. The device is relatively expensive but very effective.

Another alternative is to use natural solutions. To renew the air, make sure to ventilate your interior for at least 10 minutes morning and evening. The best way to eliminate toxins is to keep them out of the house.

The use of natural household products and the elimination of indoor air fresheners contribute to maintaining a better atmosphere. Essential oils with antibacterial, antiseptic or antiviral powers can also be an alternative to air purifiers.

Internet or specialized trade: where should I buy my air purifier instead?

Where is the best place to buy an air purifier in a comparison?Buying the best air purifier can be expensive. It is therefore important to be able to compare and be advised to buy at the best price.

Buying the best air purifier can be expensive. It is therefore important to be able to buy at the best price.

In a specialty store you will probably be able to receive immediate answers to your questions and benefit from relevant advice. Problem: you don’t necessarily have a specialized brand or store near you. Infrastructure fees force brick-and-mortar merchants to limit the number of models on display, which reduces your choice. This can also affect the selling price.

On the Internet, you can use comparative tests and read customer reviews to help you make the best purchase.

Links and additional sources

For more information and opinions, you can consult the following sites:


What is an air purifier?

It is a device intended to improve air quality.

What does an air purifier do?

It captures suspended impurities and neutralizes them.

What is the best air purifier?

Do not hesitate to consult comparisons in order to choose the best for you.

Which air purifier to choose?

It depends on what you want to use it for. Comparisons help you select the best.

Why use an air purifier?

The air in our homes is particularly polluted, which can cause health problems.

How does an air purifier work?

It extracts the air and then filters it to trap pollutants and release better air.

What are air purifiers worth?

They are generally very effective, but a comparison table established after a battery of tests helps you to choose the best.

Where to find an air purifier?

You will find it at appliance retailers and on the best specialized websites.

VMC or air purifier?

The best VMC renews the air and sanitizes a room, but it is not sufficient against dust mites, bacteria and viruses.

Where to place an air purifier?

It has its place anywhere in the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen…

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