Find the perfect case for your iPhone 13 Mini/13/13 Pro or 13 Pro Max in the large case test. ✅ Whether carbon, leather or plastic. ✅

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Cases for the iPhone 13 Mini/13/13 Pro and 13 Pro Max tested

A difficult question – how can you make a perfect smartphone even better?
Also in 2021, Apple is trying everything to acquire a new crowd of customers.
After major changes to the design last year, the main focus this year is on changes under the hood.

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In the age of Twitter, reddit and other social media platforms, it doesn’t take long for leaks and other company internals to spread all over the world these days.

This is also the case with the iPhone 13 – once again there were a whole range of features that were leaked in advance.

Most of the leaks revolved around:

  • Is the long-awaited 120 Hz Pro Motion technology finally finding its way into iPhone displays? Possibly even with an always-on display?
  • Will the notch be significantly smaller this year in order to have more display available?
  • Will there be four different models again?
  • What’s happening with the already excellent camera software?

Which leaks have finally become reality?

The annual Apple Keynote took place again this year purely digitally and answered all questions – as expected, the leaks were largely confirmed.

As predicted, the iPhone 13 line-up will still consist of four different models.
During the year there were rumors that Apple wanted to discontinue the iPhone Mini, but these have not come true.
As always, there are clear differences between the models – both in appearance and in specifications:

The 120 Hz ProMotion Display, for example, does not make it into all iPhone 13 variants, but only into the Pro versions.
Anyone who has ever experienced a 120 Hz display will not want anything else. For this reason, it will be interesting to see whether the proportion of Pro sales will continue to increase for the iPhone 13.
The fact that Apple reserves the new technology only for the most expensive devices is not surprising, but is similar to past experiences. The speculated Always-On-Display has unfortunately turned out to be an unconfirmed rumor – too bad.

In contrast to the iPhone 12, Apple has returned to the usual line with the cameras: Both sizes of the iPhone 13 Pro models have the same camera technology received. With the iPhone 12, there were still differences between Pro and Pro Max, which caused dissatisfaction with buyers of the Pro model.

In the iPhone 13, the standard model, the arrangement of the sensors has been changed compared to the iPhone 12; they are no longer one below the other, but form a diagonal. We like the diagonal better!

Across the board, however, all iPhone 13 models have big camera improvements. Both hardware (use of larger apertures) or software. Especially in dark scenes, the iPhone is developing extremely.

A common feature across all iPhones is the slightly more protruding “camera bump.
Due to the bump, this year’s iPhones no longer wobble on the table – so it’s even better if you use a case.

Another reason for a case is the high-gloss stainless steel frame. It’s all too easy for a bag or other object to leave scratches in the mirror-like surface – not so nice!

The rumors about a shrunken notch have also turned out to be true, it has become narrower, but on the other hand also deeper, is therefore a little more into the display.

Other than that, there are no changes in display glass technology for 2021. Apple continues to rely on the ceramic-coated glass presented in 2020.

This year we have again tested 7 different sleeves and cases for the iPhone 13 series for you:

As always, all the cases we tested are wireless charging capable and also offer enough space for the application of bulletproof glass or a protective film.

So that you can choose from the full range of cases, we have chosen from all the materials that are available: genuine leather, Armid (similar to carbon), silicone and polycarbonate.
All of these cases have features that make them stand out from the crowd. At the end of the test there is even an iPhone 13 case with armored glass in the package!

1. Ultra Hybrid Mag case by spigen – show me your colors!

This type of case first appeared with the iPhone 12 and its MagSafe functionality, and is now in its second generation with the iPhone 13.
There are several reasons why spigen’s MagSafe case is an absolute recommendation.

First of all, the most distinctive feature, the white circle embedded in the case.
This circle is a magnet that enables so-called MagSafe charging through the case. This charging technology is already known from the Apple Watch and has been optimized for the iPhone 13 to allow fast charging. Here, a charging pad is simply placed on the back of the case, and the magnet makes it stick. On the other hand, you can attach magnetic wallets with credit card slots to the white magnet ring, or smartphone car holders, etc.

Apple also started a trend with the transparent cases – these were not so popular in the years before the iPhone 12. Due to the great variety of colors on the iPhones and the extremely high-quality stainless steel frame, it is understandable not to want to hide the iPhone.

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Apart from the technical function of the Ultra Hybrid Mag case for the iPhone 13 from spigen, the protective aspects are also important.
The case consists of a polycarbonate backing with a silicone frame in which the Air Cushion System is integrated. Air cushions are embedded in the corners. This will dampen a possible fall of your iPhone 13, thus minimizing the risk of damage.

Because the frame is made of silicone, the iPhone is very handy in the hand.
The crystal-clear polycarbonate back perfectly showcases the color of the iPhone 13.

So that the camera lenses and the display are also protected, the edges of the case protrude slightly. This prevents the iPhone from coming into contact with the floor, and it can no longer get scratched even when lying down on the table.

Don’t be alarmed by the price of around €30 – the original from Apple is almost 50% more expensive!

You can find the Ultra Hybrid Mag cases for the iPhone 13 series on amazon here:
iPhone 13 Mini Case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid Mag]

iPhone 13 case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid Mag]

iPhone 13 Pro case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid Mag]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid Mag]

2. MagEZ 2 Case by pitaka – SpaceX for the iPhone 13

What would a new iPhone generation be without a case from pitaka!
It was also important to us to present the well-known Aramid cases for the iPhone 13.

Aramid – a well-known material in the industry with a close resemblance to carbon. The difference to carbon, however, is that aramid is far more resilient. It is used in motorsport, in bulletproof vests and in aerospace.
The advantages include an extremely low weight, high strength and resistance to falls without splintering.

As soon as you unpack the filigree case, you know immediately that you are holding a very high-quality product in your hands: We are not looking at thin plastic packaging, but rather a very high-quality, matt black, Cardboard box. This is closed by an invisible magnet.

Instructions for attaching or removing the case from the iPhone 13 can also be found in the packaging. This is also important, because removing it is not very easy without the right trick, since the attached case fits perfectly on the iPhone is, one could speak of a second skin.

pitaka made sure to cut ports and buttons perfectly. In addition, great importance was attached to the protection of your iPhone 13.
The MagEZ case has an extra edge protection around the camera lenses and on the front of the display, so that the front and back can be protected from foreign contact.

In addition to the high-quality workmanship, there is another feature that makes the case the perfect companion for your iPhone 13:
Built-in MagSafe Compatibility. As with Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Mag case, there is a MagSafe-compatible magnet inside the case.
This allows you to attach the new MagSafe wallets from Apple, or car mounts, or wireless charging pads.

Our conclusion:
At a price of around €60, the cover is definitely not cheap, but it immediately stands out from the crowd thanks to the aramid, the perfect workmanship and its thin thickness. The integrated MagSafe adapter also makes your life much easier.
If you want to make a design statement without significantly changing the feel of the iPhone 13, the MagEZ 2 case from pitaka is the best choice.

Here you can find the pitaka cases for the iPhone 13 series on amazon:
iPhone 13 mini case by pitaka [aramid]

iPhone 13 case by pitaka [aramid]

iPhone 13 Pro case by pitaka [aramid]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by pitaka [aramid]

3. High-quality wallet case made from real leather by SHIELDON

These SHIELDON iPhone 13 cases aren’t just cases. you are more Fashion accessory, purse and design object.

You probably know those $15 buckled faux leather wallet cases that fall apart quickly and stink of plasticizer. That’s just not appropriate for an iPhone.
That’s why we’ve been looking for a genuine leather wallet case for a long time that is worthy of an iPhone. We struck gold with the manufacturer SHIELDON.

SHIELDON has been manufacturing real leather wallets for smartphones by hand for several years now.
As soon as you unpack the iPhone 13 case, you notice that this is not a run-of-the-mill product.

The wallet case comes in a wood grain cardboard slider, wrapped in tissue paper.
When you open it, you immediately notice the smell of real leather, like a new handbag or a new wallet.

What we also really like is that SHIELDON does not need a visible buckle to close the wallet case for the iPhone 13, the magnet is simply integrated invisibly. This also allows the wallet case to be opened faster.

Because the wallet case also covers the front of the iPhone 13, no screen protection is required.

Of course, the iPhone itself doesn’t just sit loosely in the real leather wallet, but firmly in a second case made of TPU (silicone). The TPU cushions possible falls even better. Thanks to the TPU, the iPhone’s buttons can be pressed very well.

As an additional feature, SHIELDON has added three card slots to the inside of the case. Everything has been thought of and RFID protection has been integrated into the entire wallet case. So your data is safe from theft!

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In terms of price, the cases from SHIELDON are in the acceptable segment compared to the genuine leather cases from Apple at €30. Where Apple charges €70, SHIELDON charges around €27, making it significantly cheaper.

Here you can find the SHIELDON wallets for the iPhone 13 series on amazon:

iPhone 13 Mini case by SHIELDON [real leather]

iPhone 13 case by SHIELDON [real leather]

iPhone 13 Pro case by SHIELDON [real leather]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by SHIELDON [real leather]

4. Best protection – Tough Armor case by spigen

In addition to the primarily design-oriented cases that we have presented so far, you also need a case that offers perfect protection.

The Tough Armor cases from spigen are therefore a well-known guest in our case tests. We pick them up almost every year because they are the ne plus ultra when it comes to best protection for your smartphone, here the iPhone 13.

Despite the high level of protection, the Tough Armor cases don’t seem as bulky as cases from other well-known companies, e.g. Otterbox (subjectively).
In our opinion, a smartphone should look good with a case, no matter how thick it is. Spigen manages this balancing act perfectly. To ensure maximum protection, Spigen relies on a material mix of three materials: silicone, polycarbonate and foam.

It all starts with the polycarbonate, from which the outermost layer of the shell is formed. Polycarbonate is hard and surrounds the iPhone 13 like a shell, protecting it from extreme sources of damage. To cushion falls and other dangers, the iPhone is also placed in a second shell made of silicone and foam. Of course, this case also has the Air Cushion System to cushion falls.

So that the camera and display are adequately protected, the Tough Armor case for the iPhone 13 has additional edge protection.
Since this case is a bit thicker than single-layer cases due to the various protective layers, spigen has found space for an additional feature: a fold-out stand.
This one is great if you want to watch a lot of videos or movies on your iPhone 13.

So if you’re looking for ultimate protection for your iPhone without wanting to forego a certain aesthetic, the Tough Armor case from spigen with a price of around €21 is the best choice.< /p>

You can find the Tough Armor case for the iPhone 13 series on amazon here:
iPhone 13 Mini case by Spigen [Tough Armor]

iPhone 13 case by Spigen [Tough Armor]

iPhone 13 Pro case by Spigen [Tough Armor]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by Spigen [Tough Armor]

5. Design for the wallet – Liquid Air sleeve by spigen

In this section of the big iPhone 13 case test, we look at slightly cheaper cases, because not everyone wants to spend €20-30 on an iPhone 13 case.
That’s why we are now presenting both a black and a transparent case, with the second model even bulletproof glasses are included in the set.

If you’re looking for a black, cheap case that shouldn’t change the original dimensions of the iPhone 13 too much, but still be grippy in the hand is, after a short time you will come across the Liquid Air cover from spigen.

The Liquid Air case is already available for 12 €, so it is significantly cheaper than the cases presented above.
Despite the low price, spigen has integrated edge protection for the camera and the display.

It has to be mentioned that cases like Tough Armor or Ultra Hybrid Mag obviously offer a higher level of protection. However, this can only be achieved with a thicker cover or a mix of materials.
But not every user needs this – a simple case without an air cushion system is often enough, especially if you want a thin case that doesn’t change the design of the iPhone too much.

Because the Liquid Air case also offers sufficient basic protection in everyday life. It always depends on where you use the iPhone:
If you move around a lot outdoors or work on a construction site, we would recommend thicker cases. In an office job, on the other hand, the Liquid Air case also fulfills its function perfectly.

You can find the Liquid Air case for the iPhone 13 series on amazon here:
iPhone 13 Mini case by Spigen [Liquid Air]

iPhone 13 case by Spigen [Liquid Air]

iPhone 13 Pro case by Spigen [Liquid Air]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by Spigen [Liquid Air]

6. Two transparent classics (with bulletproof glass) in a package

As the last case in the large iPhone 13 case test, a cheap, transparent case should not be missing, especially if you would like to present the color spectrum of the iPhone 13.
We didn’t just choose a case alone, but a case in a package with bulletproof glasses. Bulletproof glasses have been an integral part of the smartphone world for several years because they are far superior to conventional protective films – but more on that in the big bulletproof glass test, which you can find here.

But now to the case itself. Even with a transparent silicone case, a manufacturer can do a lot wrong, so there are important points that separate the wheat from the chaff:

On the one hand, there are Micro Dots inside the case. These dots prevent the case from sticking to the smooth back of the iPhone 13 and creating unsightly streaks.
On the other hand, the material mix is ​​extremely important. Noname cases are often made of cheap silicone, which begins to yellow after a short time.

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Only if these two points are observed can a transparent case for the iPhone 13 really be called “good”.

Other than that, there are of course the classic protection requirements, just like any other case.
There are also the well-known air cushions in the corners of the case, as well as sufficient overhangs at the edges to protect the display and camera.

If you need even more protection for your iPhone 13, the transparent Ultra Hybrid case from Spigen is also recommended.
The structure of the Ultra Hybrid sleeve is identical to the Ultra Hybrid Mag sleeve tested at the very beginning, just without a magnet.
As you can see from the photo below, it looks very similar to the Crystal Clear case.
The only difference is that the back cover is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is much harder compared to silicone, you can imagine it like a hard plate.
For this reason, it is possible to do without the Micro Dots, since the Ultra Hybrid case does not attach to the iPhone 13. So this case is as transparent as glass.

If you compare the prices of both cases, you will notice that the Crystal Clear case (with two bulletproof glasses!) is only €2 more (€17) than the Ultra Hybrid case (without tempered glass) costs.

So if you value absolute transparency on the back and a very high level of protection, we would recommend the Ultra Hybrid case, otherwise the unbeatable Crystal Clear Bundle.

Here you can find the Liquid Crystal cases in a pack with bulletproof glasses on amazon:
iPhone 13 Mini case by Spigen [Liquid Crystal]

iPhone 13 case by Spigen [Liquid Crystal]

iPhone 13 Pro case by Spigen [Liquid Crystal]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by Spigen [Liquid Crystal]

Here you can find the Ultra Hybrid cases on amazon:
iPhone 13 Mini case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid]

iPhone 13 case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid]

iPhone 13 Pro case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid]

iPhone 13 Pro Max case by Spigen [Ultra Hybrid]

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