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Are you looking for a computer desk for 2 people? Then you will love the Paperflow Double Desk! Here you and one other person will find enough space to work effectively.

Are you in a hurry? Here you will find a preselection of our top 3 recommendations for you. Based on our research, we have made a personal ranking. We can recommend these three double desks:

How to find the best computer desk for two people

If you don’t have enough desk space and you share a study with someone else, it’s time for a desk for 2 people.

So you can both work comfortably in your own area without disturbing the other. Depending on the position of the monitors, you are not in each other’s field of vision.

These work tables have a very special feature: on the one hand they save space and on the other hand they offer plenty of space for two people to spread out.

They are visually coordinated and thus ensure a harmonious picture in the workspace.

With the many different offers, it is not easy to find the right one for you and your four walls. We have looked for work tables for you that are suitable for more than just one person.

We present three models that offer a lot of space. You can then quickly decide for yourself which is the best computer desk for 2 people.

We recommend the Paperflow double desk.

You are in the right place if

  • Your computer desk should be suitable for 2 people,
  • Your table should offer plenty of space,
  • you want to find out more about double workbenches.

The most important thing about double office tables at a glance

In this article we have researched for you and discovered three different models that you can use for working together at a table.

  • Work surface: How much space do you need to be able to work undisturbed? That depends very much on your job and whether you only need a laptop or other documents as well. And of course whether you are at your desk at the same time or at different times.
  • Arrangement: Do you want to sit opposite each other or side by side? Both have advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, however, you have to focus on the premises and do not have the opportunity to choose according to your own feelings. If you choose a long table, it should be at least 200 cm long.
  • Purpose: You can save money with an office desk for 2 people. They are cheaper than buying two separate tables. The double table is ideal if you are working on a project together or you are working from home with your partner.

Top product

Paperflow double deskSpacious work area

Offers enough space for 2 people. The robust 4-legged frame ensures a stable stand on the floor.

EUR 571.19

View at Otto** Prices subject to change. affiliate link. **

Our recommendation if you are looking for a computer desk for 2 people is the Paperflow double desk. A great desk with enough space!

At 120cm wide, this computer desk is wonderfully designed for two people to work at.

There is also a 60mm cable gland between the panels. The chipboard is easy to clean and has ABS edges.

The desk also has four feet that give it stability and are covered with a scratch-resistant white finish.

The stylish desk for two

Top product

Austra double deskTop price-performance ratio

High-quality workmanship and equipped with two drawers. Enough space for two people.

EUR 179.99

View at Otto** Prices subject to change. affiliate link. **

Another great model if you are looking for a computer desk for 2 people is the Austra Double Desk< /span>. You can’t go wrong with this model, as it also offers storage space!

Two drawers, one for each seat, allows you to store things that would only take up desk space.

In addition, the computer desk comes in a high-quality white color and great workmanship, which directly enhances the study.

The desk is made of certified wood materials and has been processed to a very high standard. So it not only looks good, it is also very robust.

The double corner table with a lot of space

Top product

Workspace XL I double deskDouble desk Workspace XL IAvailable in 5 colors

With dimensions of 180 x 180 cm, this computer table has enough space for two PCs and people. The corner table can be mounted on both sides and can be loaded up to 50 kg.

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EUR 441.90

View at Buerostuhl24** Price changes possible. affiliate link. **

If you and your counterpart value (felt) separate workstations, then the double desk Workspace XL I just right for you. This model is characterized by its particularly large work surface. Each side offers a depth of 80 centimeters and a width of 180 centimeters.

The worktop is coated with melamine resin and is particularly robust. Choose from 5 colors.

The manufacturer grants a 24-month guarantee on the worktop and the steel base.

Also interesting articles for you

This is how we found the matching desks for 2

So you can find the best double worktable, we’ve looked around for you.

We only research online. During our online research, we paid attention to the following criteria and information in customer reviews, manufacturer information and online shop descriptions in order to determine our personal ranking:

  • Quality and workmanship
  • Easy-care surface
  • Ease of use
  • Easy assembly
  • Height adjustability
  • Space-saving design
  • Reviews, guides, opinions from forums
  • Value for money

We read reviews and customer opinions, analyzed manufacturer instructions and checked descriptions.

Our ranking

What are the benefits of a computer desk for 2 people?

Anyone who has small rooms or would like to set up a room in such a way that there is still space for other furniture next to the desks has certainly already thought about a computer table for two.

Enough space for more than one

If you have a computer desk for 2 people, you will find that both of you can work more comfortably. From now on you don’t have to bicker about your desk space anymore. You finally have space and don’t get in each other’s way.

Better concentration

Because a double desk is inevitably designed for two people, concentration also benefits from such a model. Nobody has to put away their documents and clear the table again and again.

In addition, you now have the opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy the free space. This not only increases concentration, but also the motivation to get the job done quickly.

Space-saving construction

If you have a desk that seats two people, you can save space. A computer desk for two takes up much less floor space than two separate desks.

What makes a good 2-person computer desk?

Not every work table is suitable for two. You’ve probably experienced that first hand. If you share a table, you’re bickering, constantly having to put away your work utensils, and you’re not as productive as a result.

So that you know what to look for when buying an office desk, it is important to know what makes a good model.

You should pay attention to this:

  • Large workspace
  • Height adjustment
  • Easy care
  • Cable channel

Large workspace

It should offer enough space. The table top should be at least 120 cm long and about 80 cm wide per person. This is a good point of reference to keep in mind when looking for a double desk.

This is the only way to ensure that both have enough space for a laptop, screen, keyboard, notes and more.

If you opt for a long table, it should be 200 cm long to provide enough space.

Height adjustment

Some tables come with an extra. And height adjustability. This can be an advantage if you have problems with your back and want to protect it a little more.

Here you should make sure that the desk can be easily adjusted in height and that the whole thing is not that difficult.


A good computer desk has a surface that is easy to clean. A dry duster and the occasional mild detergent is enough for most surfaces to keep them shiny. In order for this to be the case for a long time, the surface must be scratch-resistant and should not be overly sensitive.

cable duct

Tables where you sit opposite each other are particularly practical if they are equipped with a cable duct. This means that the cables do not have to be laid on the worktop and the cables can be neatly tucked away between the tables. Especially important for everyone who likes to have order on the table!

Our ranking

Purchasing advice: Office table for two people – you have to consider that

If you’ve now started pondering which model you should buy, then we want to give you a few important tips. You should definitely include the following aspects in your purchase decision.

You have to deal with this before you buy:

  • shape
  • storage space
  • Assembly
  • Optics


A two-person computer desk works either side-by-side on a straight table or in an L-shaped angled combination. The tables can also face each other. What suits you better depends on the space and your preferences.

storage space

Two people can store files, books and papers on computer desks with integrated storage compartments or the standing containers supplied. If the selected models do not have this storage space, you should also look for at least one container. Two are better, of course, in order to be able to separate the work and documents nicely.

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If you want, you can also put storage compartments on the table itself, but it has to be big enough for this.


Easy assembly of the computer desk is also an aspect that should be considered before buying. Many models are already partially pre-assembled and can then be set up easily by non-professionals.

If it only takes a few simple steps to set up the table, you have found a suitable model.

If you are not handy, think about who could help you with the assembly. Also create enough space in the room where the table will later stand. You don’t need more than a screwdriver for many models, it’s even easier with a cordless screwdriver.


If you treat yourself to an office table for 2 people, then of course it should also match the rest of the furniture. Studies have shown how important it is to feel comfortable in the workplace. Not only ergonomics play a role, but also the visual stimuli contribute to well-being.

Light tables radiate more positive energy than dark countertops. Basically, it’s just a matter of taste. Just make sure that the table is easy to clean.

Which table shape is best for 2 people?

So that 2 people can sit at the computer desk, the table should either be particularly long, angular or arranged opposite one another. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages, which are, let’s take a closer look at them now.

The long table for sitting next to each other

With two people, each person should have at least 80 centimeters of space in width to sit next to each other at a table. With two people you are 160 centimeters, and with 20 centimeters between them it is 180 centimetres.

Tables with a width of 200 centimeters offer maximum freedom of movement. The computers can be placed to the left or right of the table. You can work in a team if you sit close together.

The corner table for angled sitting next to each other

At a corner table, two people should sit opposite each other on at least one long side of the table, ideally on two. At corner tables, you sit across from each other, but you look in different directions. To ensure sufficient space, the sides must be at least 150 centimeters, ideally at least 180 centimetres.

The table to be able to sit opposite

You have two options when facing tables. Either put your screen to screen or one sits on the right, the other on the left. The legroom clearly speaks for staggered sitting.

Make sure the table legs are straight and don’t have a special shape like X, K or Z. Otherwise it’s a bit complicated with the legs.

The table does not have to be that big. 120 x 60 centimeters are often enough, but 160 x 80 centimeters are better.

Our ranking

Our conclusion

Siting for two at a computer desk sounds very cramped and impractical at first. But with the right table, that’s not a problem. In order to be happy with it in the long term, you should make sure that the table is not too small. After all, a little freedom of movement is important and has a direct impact on productivity.

With its large work surface, we can recommend our favorite, the Paperflow Double Desk! In this way, enough space can be provided for the two people working at the computer desk.

Make sure you have sturdy feet and measure the space well before you buy, then nothing can go wrong. We hope you enjoy trying it out for the first time!

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    Are standing desks good for working at home?
    If you don’t want to get slumped shoulders and a slumped back then Yes.

    Definitely yes.

    Many adults are spending more than 7 hours a day sitting and the older people are spending upwards of 10 hours sitting down!

    Your body was not built to sit down. You are built to survive, search for food, move around, stand up, watch out for predators.

    Our bodies are not engineered to be sat in a static position all the time!

    Long periods of sitting have been linked to Many Health Issues

    Such as

    1.Herniated discs
    2.Muscle degeneration
    3.Weakened bones
    4.Decreased circulation
    5.Increased tiredness
    6.In a study published in the British Journal of sports medicine, Those who sit the least compared to those who sit a lot were twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and have a 13% to 17% 7.Increased risk of Cancer and mortality
    There are many other risks too.

    That’s why it is such a good idea to get a Sit-stand desk for working at home.

    It is shown by studies to increase productivity by 10-25%!

    Wouldn’t you like to earn 10-25% more money and get healthier on the way?

    Okay, you get the idea.

    What are the health benefits of Standing desks when working at home?
    1. Standing lowers your risk of weigh gain and obesity
    2. Using a standing desk may lower your blood sugar levels
    3. Standing will lower the risk of heart disease
    4. Standing desks are good at reducing back pain with studies showing up to a 50% improvement after 4 weeks in pain
    5. Improve mood and Energy levels
    6. Boost productivity
    7. Live longer
    Many other unstudied benefits that are yet to come in the future

    What are the Best desks for working at Home in 2020?

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    4.Elephance 59″ Large L Shaped Desk Corner Table workstation
    Best Minimalistic Corner desk option

    5.ApexDesk Elite Series 60″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk
    For those looking for a Larger Adjustable desk than the first one, this is definitely the way to go.

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