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NFL Sunday Ticket is a out-of-market sports package that broadcasts matches of the regular season of the National Football League (NFL) not available on local affiliates . It airs all regional Sunday afternoon games produced by Fox and CBS. The ideal customer for this package is presumed (based on the advertisements) to be a fan of a team who cannot see their team on local television because they do not reside in one of the markets for that team, or at sports bars that want to increase their business by attracting out-of-town team fans. The package is distributed in the United States exclusively by DirecTV (which also offers it on the Internet, on certain tablets and smartphones, and on JetBlue flights); in Canada on the DAZN streaming service, in Mexico and < span title="Latin America">Latin America on SKY México , in South America South and Caribbean on Vrio, and several cable companies in Bahamas and in Bermuda .
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United States

Satellite TV provider DirecTV owns the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package in the United States until upon its expiration at the end of the 2022 NFL season. Although other satellite and cable providers are supposedly allowed to bid on NFL Sunday Ticket distribution rights if they agree to carry the NFL Network, DirecTV has decided to extend its current contract beyond 2014 by paying the NFL $1.5 billion a year for the next eight years. . Completion of the deal was also a condition of AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV in 2015. Beginning with the 2015 season, the service is now available through an online-only subscription for those who cannot use DirecTV services.

NFL Sunday Ticket viewers do not count towards local ratings of Nielsen; thus, offering NFL Sunday Ticket on cable cost CBS and Fox affiliates millions of dollars in lost revenue from local commercial breaks (as opposed to national ads sold by the networks). In turn, affiliates help subsidize the networks’ programming costs. DirecTV is offering a free preview of NFL Sunday Ticket for the first week of the season.

power outages

Games scheduled for broadcast on local Fox and CBS affiliates within a viewer’s designated media market (determined by the postcode of the viewer’s address) are masked on the NFL Sunday Ticket stream sent to their receiver. Viewers should instead watch these games on their local broadcast stations. (This also applies to the live streaming of these games.)

Until the end of the 2014 season, if a game the viewer wanted to watch was blocked in their home market because it was not sold out, the game remained blocked on NFL Sunday Ticket. Games joined or removed from in progress usually had their blackout status changed immediately. The NFL suspended the local ban policy for the 2015 NFL regular season, and has since done so indefinitely.

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Additional Features

DirecTV offers the following additional features. From 2005 to 2009, these features were part of an add-on called Superfan and cost an additional $100. Since 2012, some of them are part of the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package which costs $100 more.

From 2009 to 2019, all games were high definition. HD games were previously part of the Superfan package.

Game mix

This channel shows eight games at a time, along with the game score, time left in the game, and the quarter the game is in under the game stream. From 2008, it added a stream high definition, and in 2011 added larger cells when four games or less are played.

Red Zone Channel

This channel acts as a “remote control” for the viewer and switches between various NFL games as games of interest occur (scorings, key numbers, etc.) Coverage is hosted by < span title="André Siciliano">Andrew Siciliano from NFL Network and was offered on select airlines, such as JetBlue . As of 2012, it is only available on the new NFL Sunday Ticket Max package.

As of the 2007 season, this channel was provided in HD.

NFL RedZone


This two-channel duo recaps every NFL game in 30 minutes or less, including games not available on NFL Sunday Ticket because they were locally televised or blacked out. One channel airs AFC games while the other airs NFC games. These highlights are available on Sunday evening and are streamed until Tuesday morning. As of 2012, it is only available on the new NFL Sunday Ticket Max package.

Highlights on demand

DirecTV subscribers with interactive DVRs receive a three to four minute recap of every NFL Sunday Ticket game on demand with this feature, through the channel 1005. As of 2012, it is only available on the new NFL Sunday Ticket Max package. Fantasy Football TV App

Since 2011, the Fantasy Football TV app has enabled Fantasy players with Internet-connected set-top boxes to view their Fantasy Football teams and scores directly on their TV screen.

Computers, tablets and smartphones

NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers were able to stream games on the internet and on their smartphones and tablets. Beginning in 2009, NFL Sunday Ticket To Go became available to non-DirecTV subscribers who could not receive satellite TV in their home or apartment due to line-of-sight issues, costing $50 more than those with the DirecTV service. DirecTV offered NFL Sunday Ticket To Go on Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy tablets; Android Motorola phones; iPad , iPhone , iPod Touch , the devices BlackBerry OS with 3G or wifi, Palm Pre< /span> / Pixi and other Droid brand phones.

Gaming consoles

For those who had DirecTV, the NFL also offered the Sunday Ticket package for video game consoles PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One .


Between October 3, 2010 and December 29, 2019, DirecTV offered the full list of NFL Sunday Ticket games on JetBlue flights to 50 destinations across the United States .


The NFL Sunday Ticket concept was largely coined by Jon Taffer during his three-year tenure on the NFL Enterprises , with NFL Chief Marketing Officer Michael Miller. NFL Sunday Ticket was launched in 1994 and was available on both DirecTV (which had launched a few months earlier) and on C band and K u band satellites, for which the receiving dishes are larger in size. Within a few years, the service also became available on various cable systems in Canada .

DirecTV is under contract to distribute NFL Sunday Ticket through the end of the 2022 season. The service and its majority owner, AT&T, are questioning the value of the package with less than half of the subscribers. DirecTV would need to break even using Sunday Ticket and the league adding more games outside of the traditional Sunday afternoon windows. During the opening weekend of the 2021 season, CNBC announced that the league was interested in partnering with a streaming service for future rights, as well as a participation in NFL Network . This would end DirecTV’s relationship with the NFL after nearly three decades. Analysts believe Amazon Prime Video is the most likely destination for Sunday Ticket, although Apple Inc. and ESPN have also expressed interest in hosting out-of-market games on their streaming services.

International Distribution

NFL Sunday Ticket was also available in Mexico, Latin America, Bermuda, Bahamas and Canada (for business customers only).


NFL Sunday Ticket was previously available in Canada through most major pay-TV providers, often bundled with other sports packages. In July 2017, it was announced that streaming service DAZN had acquired the rights to the out-of-market package of the NFL< /span> from the 2017 NFL season . Games previously available through this service, as well as the NFL Game Pass, are bundled with the provider’s service in Canada.

However, after DAZN’s Canadian launch encountered frequent technical issues and user criticism, DAZN announced that it had begun offering NFL Sunday Ticket to TV providers as an alternative to its over-the-air product. -top.

Mexico and Central America

South America and the Caribbean



  • Bahamas Cable

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