[REVIEW]: Best Buy Xbox Series X sold out – where to find inventory next – xbox x series sold out

Update: Best Buy is now sold out on consoles. However, an in-store GameStop restock is confirmed for December 23. Make

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[REVIEW]: Best Buy Xbox Series X sold out – where to find inventory next

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Update: Best Buy is now sold out on consoles. However, an in-store GameStop restock is confirmed for December 23. Also, be sure to follow our Xbox Series X restock coverage for future restocks this month.

The Best Buy Xbox Series X restock is back! The retailer currently has the Xbox Series X consoles in stock for $499.99 through this link. You will need to form a virtual queue in order to secure the console.

This is the first Xbox Series X restock we’ve seen from Best Buy this week. Xbox Series X console drops have been hard to come by this month. Alternatively, an Amazon restock could take place before the end of the month for Prime members only.

How to buy an Xbox Series X at Best Buy

As with most retailers, setting up a Best Buy account in advance should be your first priority. You want to make sure your payment information and address information is pre-recorded, to save valuable time at checkout; it could be the difference between securing an Xbox Series X and going empty-handed.

It’s also important to note that Best Buy doesn’t currently ship Xbox consoles — although the ordering process takes place online, you must opt ​​for in-store pickup. So if you don’t have a local Best Buy or don’t have the ability to visit your local store, then Best Buy may not be the Xbox retailer for you.

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When a restock occurs, refresh the product page until you see the yellow “Add to Cart” button or a gray “Please Wait” button. If you see the latter, don’t refresh, instead wait for the button to turn yellow “Add to Cart”.

Once you can add to cart, you may see a message telling you that the Xbox Series X is no longer in stock. If this happens, you should change your location to one that has the system in stock. You can also open a new page and repeat the process described above until the “Add to Cart” button appears again, then return to the original page you had open and try choosing a location again.

Best Buy, like several other retailers, releases its Xbox Series X stock in waves, so stick around even if the site initially reads sold out during a restock window, as another opportunity to get an Xbox may pop up. Investing time in the process could pay off as other people might give up and lose patience.

The retailer will also ask you to enter a code provided during the purchase process, and you have the option of texting or emailing it. Always go for text, as it will appear almost instantly. Email codes can take a while to show up or get lost in a spam filter, and by the time you retrieve them the console will likely be out of stock again.

Xbox Series X restock tracker – where to look

  • Best Buy: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock December 22)
  • Walmart: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock December 13)
  • Amazon: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock December 16)
  • Dell: (last restocks August 25)
  • Target: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (December 16)
  • Microsoft: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock October 28)
  • GameStop: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (restocks December 10)
  • Newegg: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock May 2)
  • Adorama: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Bundles (last restock December 22)
  • Lenovo: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock March 16)
  • Costco: Xbox Series X (last restock December 22)
  • BJ: (last restock July 8)
  • Kohl’s: Xbox Series X (last restock April 21)
  • Antonline: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock September 24)
  • Sam’s Club: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock November 17)

Costco Members Can Order Xbox Series X Now (Update: Sold Out)

Update 11:57 AM ET, December 22: Costco is currently out of consoles.

The Xbox Series X console has remained hard to come by, and with the holidays looming, the window to get one in time is shrinking. Many retailers have turned to billing for the chance to buy a console through subscription subscriptions, a game Costco has been playing all along. The warehouse retailer got its fair share of console restocks, and today it has Microsoft’s flagship console available to its members.

You can order the Xbox Series X from Costco right now, which is only sold as a bundle with an additional controller. You need a paid Costco membership to order it, which you can get here on the retailer’s site for a minimum of $60 per year. While some video games and accessories may be purchased online from Costco by non-members for an additional fee, consoles are for members only.


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These restocks at Costco often sell out quickly, so if you can’t get it this time around, be sure to prepare your account for success next time around. saving your billing and shipping information to your account. Also, be sure to sign up for our Verge Deals newsletter to get the latest tech deals from our team, straight to your inbox.

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Microsoft Reveals Adidas Xbox 20th Anniversary Final Collection Sneakers

At $140, the Forum Tech Boost is the cheapest pair of sneakers in this collaboration, but good luck finding stock.

In celebration of Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft and Adidas’ custom sneaker collaboration has come to an end with the reveal of its third and final design.

The Forum Tech Boost, unlike its predecessors, is available for purchase worldwide from the official Adidas website and other retailers, for $140. With a jet black silhouette, neon green accents, and “tech-focused detailing,” Microsoft says design inspiration for the shoe comes from Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox Series X.

“Draped in black mesh against a green lining, the inside of the shoe resembles the Xbox Series X’s signature green vents,” Microsoft said. “The sneaker also features our modern Xbox sphere logo with subtle highlights, to represent our console’s power button and the sleek style of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.”

Microsoft says the design was inspired by the Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller Special Edition. “Reflecting the grips of the controller, the shoe features a green heel and translucent sole, pulling directly from the shell of the controller. »

In October, Microsoft announced its partnership with Adidas to create a series of sneakers designed to celebrate the Xbox console brand’s 20th anniversary in November. The first sneaker was the Xbox 20th Forum Tech, inspired by the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. The Xbox 360 Forum Mid was then revealed in November as the first-ever Xbox-themed sneaker available for purchase in the United States and Canada.

Unfortunately, the new Forum Tech Boost, like the console it is inspired by, is already sold out, but hopefully won’t appear on eBay with scalpers trying to sell pairs at extortionate prices.< /p>

New PS5 restock at GameStop ahead of Christmas

A new PlayStation 5 restock has been confirmed ahead of the Christmas holidays next weekend. Over the past month, GameStop has held a number of new PS5 sales, some of which have taken place in-store rather than online. Once again, GameStop will be holding another such sale this week, giving customers who have been chasing the PS5 one last chance to grab the hardware before the holidays.

GameStop revealed today that this final PlayStation 5 restock is set to take place tomorrow, December 23rd. Much like the retailer’s last restock, which took place a week ago, this new PS5 sale will take place in various storefronts across the United States. While not all GameStop locations are participating in this restock, the retail chain has provided a tool on their website for you to use that can help you locate the nearest store that will be participating in this shopping opportunity. You can find this tool here.

GameStop will offer PS5 and Xbox Series X bundles in select stores tomorrow (December 23) for Pro members

Much like the latest PS5 restock hosted by GameStop, there are two very notable caveats with this upcoming sale. For starters, GameStop will only sell the PS5 as part of a larger bundle that you’ll need to purchase. This bundle will include various games for the PS5 in addition to an additional DualSense controller, but it will cost significantly more than the standard retail fare sold by Sony’s next-gen console.

The other thing to mention is that you need to be a Power Up Rewards member at GameStop to purchase any of these PS5 consoles. Although it might seem like a huge hassle, this membership only costs $14.99, which means you won’t have to break the bank to join this service. Overall, locking PS5 restocks behind certain paywalls like this is something that a number of retail chains have been doing for the past few months, so seeing GameStop doing it too isn’t too shocking. /p>

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