Connected to an internet box, a smart TV or “intelligent TV” makes it possible to download applications and provide a set of online services such as video streaming, access to social networks or even connection to smartphones or tablets… Find out in this guide what you need to know about connected television.

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Connected to an internet box, a smart TV or “intelligent TV” makes it possible to download applications and provide a set of online services such as video streaming, access to social networks or even connection to smartphones or tablets… Find out in this guide what You Need to Know About Connected TV.

Connected TV: what is it and what is it for?

More and more of you want to equip yourself with a connected television also called “Smart TV”. The term Smart TV simply refers to an “intelligent” television, that is to say a television connected to the web. Once your TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable to your box, you can watch TV without a TV decoder and access multiple features directly on the your TV screen.

You can in particular take advantage of an internet browser, check your emails, access VOD (video on demand) services and also play multimedia content. And as with your smartphone or tablet, you can download applications on your television and thus watch videos on Youtube, watch your favorite series on Netflix, MyCanal or even chat with your loved ones on Skype…

What are the benefits of a connected TV?

Choosing a connected TV has many advantages. First of all, a smart TV allows you to watch your usual TV channels via your box or paid packages. But it also allows you to access and watch other programs. Indeed, with a connected TV, you no longer need your ISP’s TV box to access multiple online content or many applications. For example, if there is nothing on TV, you can access many streaming services through applications installed on your smart TV such as Molotov, Disney+, Netflix, OCS, myCanal, Amazon Prime Video…

A connected TV also allows you to take advantage of replay services, to rewatch a program you missed or to access video-on-demand (VOD) services to rent or buy a series or a film from your sofa, all without going through the TV decoder connected to your internet box.

Save money on your box subscription!

By opting for a smart TV, you no longer need the decoder from your Internet service provider. you can thus choose a more economical internet box (and without TV included) such as the Bbox Fit from bouygues Telecom, or the internet offers from Red By SFR and Sosh. On average, you will save between 5 and 10 euros per month!

And if that’s not enough, a connected TV offers the possibility of “casting” content from your smartphone or tablet onto your TV screen. This feature also allows you to watch videos, photos or other multimedia content available on your smartphone on your connected TV screen.

Another advantage of choosing a connected TV is that you can install video games to play directly online without a console. You can also listen to music via the Deezer or Spotify apps on your TV and find your favorite playlists on your TV’s speakers or soundbar.

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And the benefits don’t stop there! You can chat with your loved ones on Skype, but also access social networks on your TV, browse the internet, watch videos on Youtube, read and send emails… And on most models, the connected TV has voice recognition to be controlled by the sound of your voice.

How much does a connected TV cost?

There are now a large number of “smart” televisions, on which you can watch various VOD, replay or streaming content and enjoy your favorite applications, directly on your TV. The price of a smart TV varies according to:

  • screen size,

  • features included (4K compatibility, OLED screen, voice recognition, number of HDMI ports…)

  • brand (Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Samsung, LG …).

For example, it is possible to acquire a connected TV, entry-level around 350 euros with a screen size between 43 and 49 inches. In particular, you can buy an LG Smart TV with the WebOS operating system and 43-inch LED screen, offering good value for money, at less than 380 euros.

Other more efficient models, including a remote control with integrated microphone, are available at around 600 euros, like the Samsung TV (UE50TU8505) under the Tizen OS, at a price of 549 euros for a screen size of 50 inches.

Finally, in terms of high-end smart TVs, that is to say with an OLED screen and multiple features, it costs more than 1000 euros with certain models such as the Sony KD55A8 connected TV, 55 inches at 1990 euro.

A smart TV included with your box at SFR and Bouygues Telecom

In terms of choice of connected TV, it is also now possible to acquire one at a preferential price via certain Internet service providers. Currently, two major operators, namely Bouygues Telecom and SFR, include a Smart TV in their Internet offers.

In May 2020, the operator Bouygues Telecom launched its Bbox Smart TV, a new generation internet+telephone+tv offer that replaces the TV decoder by a connected TV. To go into a little more detail, the Bbox TV decoder is replaced by an application, B.TV+, preinstalled on a Samsung Smart TV, thus giving access to a large catalog of TV channels and services.

Bouygues customers with the Bbox Smart TV offer benefit from 151 channels, 14 replays and 83 pay channels with the B.TV+ app, all without a TV decoder. In addition, this Bouygues Internet offer allows you to buy a 4K Smart TV from just €49.

The operator SFR also launched in June 2020 its first SFR Box offer with Samsung TV combining an internet box and a TV at a preferential rate. However, unlike Bouygues, with this SFR Smart TV offer, the operator in the red square provides you with a TV decoder to access the SFR TV channel package.

With this subscription, SFR offers its customers the opportunity to enrich their fixed subscription with the purchase of a latest generation Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV, a smart television accessible from 1 euro per month then 8 euros per month for 24 months.

Comparison of Box + Smart TV offers


Bouygues Telecom


Name of the offer

Box Smart TV

SFR Fiber Power

Services included

  • Fiber up to 1Gb/s

  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and to landlines in more than 110 countries

  • service with more than 150 channels and many replays

  • Fiber up to 1Gb/s

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles in France

  • 200 TV channels included with Plus decoder

  • 4 TV bonuses (multi-TV, digital hard drive, premium delivery and preferential price on a connected TV)


€39.99/month (24-month commitment)

€35/month for 12 months then €55/month (24-month commitment)

Cost of the subscription over 24 months



Price Samsung Smart TV 43″

49€ (instead of 499€)

€193 (or €1 + €8/month for 24 months)

Samsung Smart TV 55″ price

259€ (instead of 749€)

€149 (or €341 + €8/month for 24 months)

Samsung Smart TV 65″ Price

449€ (instead of 899€)

€491 (or €299 + €8/month for 24 months)

The operator SFR offers three box offers with connected TV. For this comparison, we have selected the equivalent offer to the Bbox Smart TV subscription from Bouygues, namely the SFR box Power Fiber subscription.

Other information, in terms of choice of connected TV, the operators Bouygues Telecom and SFR offer three sizes of Smart TVs from the Samsung brand:

  • 43 inches (108cm),

  • 55 inches (138 cm),

  • 65 inches (163 cm).

Which Smart TV to choose?

You want to buy a connected TV, but you wonder how to choose it? In addition to the characteristics specific to television choices such as screen size, image resolution and brightness (HDR, 4K compatibility, etc.), other criteria must be taken into account when choosing a connected TV.

First of all, you should know that some brands offer their own interfaces accompanied by their application stores. It is therefore first necessary to determine the operating system of your connected TV.

In the Smart TV market, you often find:

  • The Tizen OS created for Samsung connected TVs offering a fluid, intuitive interface, a rich catalog of applications as well as a simplified connection to other devices.

  • Android TV developed by Google giving access to the Google Play Store like on a smartphone. This OS is compatible with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, voice control systems. Thanks to the integrated Google Chrome Cast function, it is possible to easily share content from your devices directly on your TV screen. Android TV is present on connected TVs from Sony, TCL and Philips.

  • WebOS at LG offers a smooth and efficient interface. This operating system includes a virtual assistant BeanBird to help you get started with your LG connected TV.

In addition to the operating system, to choose the right connected TV, you must also take into account the type of connection. Indeed, some TVs allow you to connect to the Internet on your box via an Ethernet cable for example. However, it is necessary to favor connected TVs with a Wifi connection. The Wi-Fi connection will allow you to connect your TV to the Internet wirelessly. This is therefore more practical than installing an Ethernet cable.

In terms of connectivity, it is also important that your connected TV has Bluetooth to connect your screen to a keyboard, mouse, gamepad or even a wireless speaker or headset.

Finally, another criterion for choosing the right Smart TV is to ensure that your connected television is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified in order to play multimedia content on your various devices, such as your computer for example. Concretely, the DNLA allows you to create a home network with your box to share data between your DLNA-compatible devices (videos, music, photos, etc.).

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