Stream movies and media seamlessly from PC to TV, tablets and mobile phones with PowerDVD. Read our tips on connecting PCs to other devices.

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Stream PC to TV is a good option to cast videos or photos on computer to TV. Who wants to connect their computer to the TV with an HDMI cable every time they want to watch a movie?

Stream from PC to TV with CyberLink PowerDVD. In this article, we will show step-by-step how you can easily stream from PC to TV using the software. Download PowerDVD and follow this guide to stream media across your home network.

Stream from PC to Smart TV – how it works

CyberLink PowerDVD lets you cast your movies and TV shows straight to your TV using Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Google Chromecast. You can also enjoy your media on tablet or mobile using the PowerPlayer app.

How to stream from PC to Apple TV or other streaming device

In order to stream content from your PC, you must first set up your streaming device. PowerDVD is compatible with the following streaming sticks and boxes: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Google Chromecast.

To set up your streaming device, connect it to your TV using the HDMI port. After connecting the device to your TV, turn it on and then select the appropriate HDMI input on your TV.

Setup instructions will appear on your TV. Follow these to connect the streaming device to your WiFi network and create an account. After setting up your streaming device, you can use PowerDVD to stream media from PC to TV. Here we go!

Transfer PowerDVD media from PC to TV

Once you’ve set up and turned on your casting device, you can play PowerDVD media on your Android TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast. You can stream from both TV and PC mode.

PC and TV mode

PowerDVD offers two viewing options: PC mode and TV mode. In PC mode, you can navigate your content using the drop-down menu on the left of the screen.

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This list gives you access to everything on your hard drive, including movies, home videos, and music. You can also access content from CyberLink’s cloud storage.

Unlike PC mode, TV mode does not offer Windows-like navigation. Instead, this tweak allows for easy TV navigation with a simplified layout and large icons, similar to streaming services. This mode allows you to stream YouTube directly to your TV, allowing you to cast physical media to your TV, including DVD.

Unlike PC mode, TV mode does not offer Windows-like navigation. Instead, this mode gives you clean TV navigation with a simplified layout and large icons, similar to streaming services. With this mode you can stream YouTube videos directly to TV and also cast movies from disc to TV:

  • Movies
  • BD/DVD
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Workplace
  • CyberLink Cloud

Once you’ve found the media file you want to play, right-click on it. Select Play to from the menu, then select your streaming device.

To stream from PC mode, first launch PowerDVD on your computer and select PC mode. Find the file you want to cast to your TV using the drop-down menu on the left. Then right-click the file and select the streaming device from the Play To menu. In PC mode you will also find the Play To menu on the right side of the screen.

Add a PowerDVD Channel to Roku

If you have a Roku casting device, you can stream PowerDVD media to your TV using the steps above. However, before you can stream through Roku, you must first add the PowerDVD channel in your Roku interface.

To add PowerDVD to Roku, first select the file you want to play in PowerDVD and then select Roku from the Play With menu. If this is your first time streaming on Roku, PowerDVD will show a notification asking if you want to add a PowerDVD channel to Roku.

Click Install to open the Roku interface on your TV. Then click Add Channel with your Roku remote to add the PowerDVD channel to your Roku menu.

Install PowerDVD Remote

The PowerDVD Remote app lets you control content from the comfort of your couch with a compatible mobile device. Before launching PowerDVD and syncing it with your streaming device, download the PowerDVD Remote app from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Samsung Galaxy Apps. Then connect your mobile device to PowerDVD by following the simple step-by-step guide.

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If you’re using your PowerDVD remote, tap the circular icon with three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen. Then select the streaming device from the menu.

The file will then be loaded and wirelessly displayed on your TV. If you don’t see the streaming device in the Play To menu, make sure the device is turned on. The PC running PowerDVD and the streaming device should be connected to the same WiFi network.

That’s why it’s worth streaming from PC to TV with PowerDVD

The key benefit of PowerDVD? The software also allows you to play formats that are not supported by streaming boxes. Audio and video files that you can play with PowerDVD include:

  • 3D
  • FLAC
  • DSD

With hardware acceleration, you also have support for UHD 4K video resolution. Audio formats supported by the software include DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.

Additionally, picture and sound quality can be improved with PowerDVD’s TrueTheater technology. This feature allows you to optimize various aspects of content while streaming from PC to TV, including colour, contrast, dialogue and bass enhancement.

Stream from PC to TV optimized with PowerDVD

When streaming original movies or DVDs, the TrueTheater feature may not always be necessary. But if you want to play your home videos on TV, the quality improvement is unbeatable.

The other major benefit of streaming PowerDVD to your TV is that you don’t need to connect your PC to your TV with a cable. Instead, you can access content on PowerDVD PC or CyberLink Cloud directly from your TV using the PowerDVD apps available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. You can also watch series and films on your tablet or smartphone with the PowerPlayer app.

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Try PowerDVD now for free.

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