Surely a computer screen error when using is something that anyone who uses a computer encounters. So what computer screen errors are there? ,Summing up 8 common computer screen errors when using,Future Leading Technology

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Society is developing, the demand for information technology of people is also from That increase, most of us also use computers in work as well as in life. Computer monitors are an indispensable part of desktop or laptop computers. Surely, in the process of using the computer, you will encounter computer screen errors that do not know how to fix. In this article, the admin will update common computer screen errors and how to fix them.

1. Computer screen error is blurred

The computer screen in general and the desktop screen in particular is an integral part  that helps to display feedback information on the communication process between people. user and computer. Therefore, the sharpness of the computer screen is extremely important. But the blurred computer screen error is also an error that we often encounter during use. So what is the cause of the blurry computer screen error?

  • First, the screen error The computer image is blurred due to the faulty high-pressure lamp of the monitor. The high-pressure lamp will light well at a brightness of 1000 cd/m2, but if the high-pressure lamp is faulty, it will affect the light quality of the computer screen, leading to a blurred screen with patchy traces, smudges and effects. to the eyes.

  • Secondly, the computer screen error is blurred due to the high pressure blister: Also known as LCD Inverters is the place where the voltage is generated so that the high-voltage bulb can light up, so when this part fails, it will affect the light quality, leading to the phenomenon of the computer screen being dim, even not controllable

  • This computer screen error is caused by the signal from the Mainboard being uneven and interrupted or the usage time is too long.

  • The ultimate cause of the error computer screen blurred that is because the signal cap of the screen is weak.

When you encounter a computer screen error as above, if you are not an expert in repair, the best way is to bring the screen to your computer. If your computer is blurred, go to the service center immediately so that the staff can advise and repair it in a timely manner to prevent the computer screen from being dim for too long.

2. Computer screen stripe error

Computer screen when used for a long time often encounters problems problems with screen errors such as horizontal stripes on the screen, vertical stripes on the screen, color loss,…

What causes the stripe error that screen is due to VGA error; screen stripe error due to cable, screen error.

How to fix:

  • Due to VGA error: You should bring it to a shop for a computer repairman to check. maybe they will solder the VGA or remove the VGA or replace the mainboard

  • Due to the cable: to fix this, you also need to bring it to a computer repair center to check and replace

  • Screen failure: If the screen is faulty, you will have to replace it with a new one. The cost of each monitor type will vary depending on the type of monitor and the brand of computer being used.

3. The computer screen is minimized

The next computer screen error is the minimized computer screen. This is the case many people have, however, not everyone knows the cause and how to fix it. So how can there be a way to fix the big screen when the screen in use is minimized? let’s find out.

  • One of the reasons why the computer screen is shrinking may be due to the VGA driver. After trying to fix the ways that the computer screen is still in the old condition, you can reinstall the VGA driver.

  • When using a computer, you will encounter errors such as the computer screen shrinking, causing unsightly, even interrupting work. Usually this error is mostly caused by software, so you can fix it directly on your computer. You can fix this error by holding Ctrl + scrolling the middle mouse up and down to the size you want.(image)

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    Currently, the computer market has developed very rapidly, there are many products with good prices but stable quality. Two of them are the 24-inch ATAS computer monitor and the 27-inch ATAS monitor from Smart new, both of which are large screen products with extremely sharp display quality. . Especially with an extremely attractive warranty policy from the manufacturer within 3 years.

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    You can refer to the following video review: Review of 27 inch 2k 75Hz screen

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    4. The computer screen is turned upside down

    The computer screen is turned upside down, causing many inconveniences and worries for users. The cause of computer screen is reversed may be because the user has installed a game that changes the Graphic settings of the device or because while using the computer, the user has clicked on the device settings. setting of the machine, upside down the screen. Many users frantically find a way to turn off the computer and then restart it, then just calmly perform a few simple operations, users can “escape” quickly. computer screen error

    • How 1: Press the combination of Ctrl, Alt, Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys. Press the arrow in any direction the Desktop screen will turn to. Press the combination until the screen returns to normal.

    < img alt="" class="aligncenter wp-image-11098" src=""/>

    • Option 2: Click on the Desktop screen, then right-click on the screen, select Screen resolution. After entering Screen resolution -> select Orientation -> select Landscape and finally click Ok to complete the rotation and exit the rotated computer screen .

    • Option 3: The Intel/Intel Extreme series of graphics chips support keyboard shortcuts, maybe the user has accidentally enabled it and the Desktop screen rotation occurs. Then, the user does the following: Go to Cotrol Panel -> Select All Control Panel Items -> Select Intel (R) graphics and media. In the Intel panel: Click to select Display -> go to Rotation -> select Rotate to Normal.

    5. Why can’t my computer screen turn on

    error on the computer screen can't turn on

    There are many computer screen errors that make screen not turn on, especially old devices that have not been used for a long time. To help users have more knowledge about computer screen errors, the following are some causes and solutions for this situation.

      • The problem of the error of the computer screen not turning up has many causes and part of it is also caused by software and specifically here is Windows. It is possible that Windows has not been completely shut down, so when the system restarts you will see that the screen does not turn on. This is quite rare, but not unheard of. To handle the error that the computer does not turn on the screen due to the above case, the user just needs to turn off the computer completely by holding the power button for 5-7 seconds until the computer turns off completely without hearing any sound or the light is on. However, after that, don’t turn it on quickly, but wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then try to turn it back on, see if the error on the computer won’t show up or not.

      • The RAM slot is the most common cause of the error that the computer screen does not turn on. Maybe due to impacts, or long-term use, the computer RAM will be dirty or loose. At this point you need to turn off the computer completely > unplug the power > Disassemble the side of the computer case. Pay attention to the RAM part and adjust it to be sure. The RAM can be completely removed and re-inserted, dusting the RAM and RAM slots on the PC.

      • A loose cable is also a common cause of the computer not turning on the screen. Therefore, you should fix the error that the computer screen does not turn on by removing the connection cable and re-plugging the cable. This trick is easier to do on PCs than laptops. Because with a laptop, you have to disassemble the machine quite hard. On the PC, remove the cable and plug it back in securely, leaving the screws firmly in place.

      • The video card is a very durable device, so the chance of the video card being damaged is very small. However, if your PC or laptop is used for a long time, often used every day, it is difficult for hardware devices such as video cards to be durable. If the cause is the video card, the only way to fix the computer screen error is to bring it to the computer and laptop repair shops to replace the new video card.

      6. The computer screen is rotated horizontally

      The error of the computer screen being rotated horizontally is also a very common error and its causes and solutions The error of the horizontal computer screen is similar to that of the reverse rotation of the computer screen. There are many reasons : like:

      • You let children in the house use the computer to play games and When playing, you need to reset the screen mode to display something, after you exit the game, the screen has a horizontal rotation error.

      • < p>

      • Another cause may be because you or someone who is using the computer normally accidentally presses a combination of screen rotation shortcuts, fields Accidental clicks like this are very common and you can simply edit them yourself

      • How to fix the error that the computer screen is rotated horizontally as follows: You go to the Desktop screen, press the right mouse button displayed as shown below and then you continue to choose according to Step 1 followed by Step 2 then Step 3 you choose Rotate to 90 Degrees if your computer screen is rotated horizontally, it will return to its original position, if your computer is flipped 180 degrees, then you choose Rotata to 180 Degrees. In very rare cases where the computer is rotated upside down, you will have to choose Ratate to 270 Degrees.

      computer screen error

      • The next way you use a shortcut key combination to be able to rotate the screen as at the beginning, this way you have to know specifically which direction your screen is rotating and press the shortcut to rotate that directionCTRL + ALT + Up Arrow = Landscape(default) CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow = Landscape (flipped) CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow = Portrait CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow = Portrait (flipped) 

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      7. Error the computer screen is enlarged

      < /p>

      The error of the computer screen being enlarged causes the icons, text size, and content displayed on the computer screen to be enlarged compared to the original size head. This is actually a very simple error that you can fix by following the instructions below.

      • Step 1: Press the  Windows + I key combination to open the Windows Settings window, here you select the  System.

      • Step 2: In the System section you will be placed in the Display tab. Here you pay attention to the Scale and Layout section with 2 items that cause the error computer screen is naturally enlarged.

      • < /p>

      – The Change the size of text, apps and other items section allows you to increase or decrease the size of characters, programs and some other information according to the ratio. percentage compared to your head. In this section you set to 100% (Recommended) to return to the original standard size. – Section  Resolution helps you to adjust the resolution of the computer screen. When the screen resolution is changed, it also means that the content displayed on the computer screen also changes in sharpness, size, and size. Therefore, you should set the screen resolution to the appropriate size for the screen resolution of the computer. The appropriate resolution will have the word  Recommended  next to it. The above is a way to fix the error that the computer screen is naturally enlarged to help you return to using a normal computer with bright display quality, clear images according to the original standard size.

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      8. Computer monitor error does not recognize discrete card

      You have just installed a new video card on your computer but can’t see it recognizes the video card, or does not show the device, then your video card is most likely hidden or.

      How to fix computer screen not recognizing discrete card.

      Show hidden devices

      < p>

      • Press window + R to open the Run command window, then type devmgmt.msc there then press Enter.

      •  On windows Device Manager, click View then select Show hidden devices.

      • Click to select Action =>Scan for hardware changes.

      • Check the graphics card driver is displayed in the Display adapters section (or Graphics card, Video card, GPU card)

      < /p>

      9. Windows 10 screen hang error

      When you encounter a problem with your Windows 10 screen hanging error, you should calmly solve by 

      • Disconnecting from the internet  and restarting your computer can fix the error

      • < p>

        Disable peripherals: disconnect all external devices from the computer such as mouse, keyboard, speaker, bluetooth speaker ,… then restart

      10. The error of the computer screen is jerky 

      The state of your computer screen being jerked may be due to a number of errors screen such as: not set the correct scan frequency; VGA error, screen error

      • In case of VGA error and screen error, you can bring it to a repair center for a repairman to check and replace it for you.

      • < p>

      • If the reason is not setting the correct scan frequency, how to fix it:

      < p dir="ltr">At Desktop → right click → select Screen Resolution → Advanced → select Tab Monitor and adjust the scan frequency to standard 60HZ → select Ok to finish

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      11. Computer screen error panel error

      Your laptop screen has horizontal stripes, inevitable flickering your eyes hurt. The cause of the panel error on the laptop screen is because the cable sheath is broken or the cable sheath is open.

      Many of you when you encounter the error of the screen with horizontal stripes, flickering, usually solved by turning off the computer. But turning off your computer screen is not the solution to getting your screen back to normal.

      The way to fix this situation is that you should bring your computer to a repair center for a mechanic to check and handle it for you


      Wall-mounted computer monitor

      In addition to common computer screen errors during use as above, the following Here we will give you some information about wall computer monitor. If in the past, traditional computer monitors were usually desktops, but now there are many types of modern and extremely convenient wall-mounted computer monitors.

      • Wall-mounted computer monitors have the advantage of saving space. With a small workspace, a wall-mounted computer monitor will give you more room to organize papers and decorate your space more

      • < p>

      • Next, the wall-mounted screen has the advantage of increasing aesthetics and modernity

      • < /p>

      • However, the wall-mounted monitor also has unavoidable disadvantages such as when attached to the wall, sometimes the distance between you and the computer is quite far, making your eyes you have a hard time adapting.

      • Also, a wall-mounted computer monitor will make the change changing viewing angles becomes more difficult.

      One of the screens hangs The wall that we can’t ignore is the 24-inch ATAS screen with both a stand and a wall mount with two black and white colors for you to choose from.

       wall computer monitor

      This product is currently sold on commercial sites electronic devices such as: Lazada, shopee, tiki..

      < p>

      Computer screen capture application.

      In addition to common computer screen errors, taking screenshots is one of the regular activities when using a computer. Screenshots are used for a variety of purposes by users. Currently, most operating systems provide built-in tools to take screenshots. Here are some screen capture apps that you should use: Megabackup, Jing, Snagit, FastStone Capture.

      app take screenshot

      The above applications are all modern and integrated applications Combines a lot of editing features to help you use only one software for taking screenshots. Above, is a summary of common computer screen errors during use. These computer screen errors are usually small errors and you can fix them all by yourself with computer operations. The best way to avoid these computer screen errors is to choose a reputable computer monitor with a good warranty policy. Visit Smart new to view more product categories.


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