When a trailer of just over a minute manages to raise huge expectations in the gaming industry, it’s a clear sign that the title in…

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When a trailer of just over a minute manages to raise huge expectations in the gaming industry, it’s a clear sign that the title in question will succeed . At E3 2019, Nintendo surprised by showing the first images of the sequel to Breath of the Wild, seen live and recorded by millions of users.

Much more than a DLC

After completing the first Breath of the Wild, the management team realized that it was impossible to continue telling the story they had in mind. And that gets right to the heart of the matter it’s a 60 hour game, while purists may need more than 200 hours in total. Thus, it is not surprising that two DLCs were also released with great success. While it’s true that some players said the price was somewhat excessive, there’s no denying that the enjoyment of both expansions was more than high.

But how do you continue to tell the rest of the story? Removing loads of DLC has already been shown several times to not work. Why not expand it further and make the future expansion a full-fledged sequel? Little by little, the idea took shape until it was confirmed at the aforementioned E3, posting various job offers as well as the announcement with which Nintendo intended to find designers, sound artists and other renowned specialists for a multi-million dollar franchise.

An ongoing controversy

All of the drastic changes have caused a lot of controversy in one of Nintendo’s most beloved fan sagas. Wind Waker was a clear example of this, receiving thousands of complaints about Link’s childish appearance and cel-shaded style. Years later the title gained the notoriety it so deserved at the time.

Something similar happened to the first Breath of the Wild. Before its arrival on the market, the comments were negative in reference to the impossibility of combining a completely open world with the system of puzzles and dungeons so typical of the franchise. Although again, “the big N” hit the key again.

A good example of this is sales figures recorded to date. Adding the numbers from the WiiU and Nintendo Switch versions, Breath of the Wild ranks among the biggest hits with around 14 million copies sold. Given records of this caliber, it was no surprise that when developing a sequel, Nintendo bet on one continuous line. In fact, what we could see in the trailer is very reminiscent of what the first installment was.

For the second time around, the saga will once again have more role-playing elements than ever before. Choosing the right gear will be a key key to advancing in deep mapping, for example, while weapons will also wear out to demand a strategic component from the player.

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The aspect that will again attract the attention of players who have never enjoyed a title in the franchise featuring Link -before green and now in blue clothes- is related to freedom, as well as to a multitude of situations that can occur in the stages.

Something I really liked about BotW was the ability to go straight to defeat the final boss, Ganon. Of course, it was an impossible task due to the lack of hearts, weapons and other items, as well as special abilities. However, it was a clear sign that each player could choose their own path.

The exact same thing will happen in Breath of the Wild 2. No game will be the same as another player, while everyone can choose from a multitude of methods to solve puzzles, attack enemies and explore the map. Go to a snowy mountain? Maybe you prefer to cook something spicy that gives you cold resistance, but another player might choose to dress in a textile outfit that insulates them from low temperatures. The decisions are constant and numerous, so the feeling of freedom is priceless.

But free will will not only be palpable in important situations. In a simple walk through the game’s colorful and huge settings, this will also be reflected, a factor that will be the result of the quality of the physics.

Just like in other open-world video games, weather transitions only have a simple visual value, in Breath of the Wild 2 they will acquire a special meaning< /strong>. For example, when you throw a weapon, if there is wind, it can end up moving without you being able to do anything about it. Additionally, if you’re wearing a metal shield, Link can be struck by lightning, causing him to die instantly.

When will Breath of the Wild 2 be released?

All Zelda fans are asking themselves the same question, since Nintendo has shown lately that the dates it initially gives are not entirely reliable. Unfortunately, Metroid Prime 3 proved it and it could happen for the umpteenth time with this long-awaited sequel.

The date set so far is Christmas 2020. Undoubtedly, this would be a key time to sell a multitude of Nintendo Switch. Remember that WiiU owners will no longer be able to play the new version on the old game console, as it will be exclusive to the hybrid.

Unfortunately, the bad news was not long in coming. Although an official confirmation is missing, an insider has already leaked on social media what some players feared: this Christmas date is practically impossible. Yes, that would be an outstanding business strategy for the Japanese company, but it is impractical on every level.

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It’s understandable considering aspects like the one detailed above: such varied physics involves a huge amount of development work. In fact, what Nintendo specifically wants to avoid are untimely work hours, which has already happened to another big company like Rockstar when it launched Red Dead Redemption 2, generating huge controversy.

The insider himself said that the days are marathon, although with enough rest for optimal working conditions and each member of the team can work at full capacity: compose the soundtrack, design new enemies, create the puzzles that will be present in the sanctuaries and a long etcetera.

Assessing the usual delays from virtually every company, as well as the demand for a title like Breath of the Wild 2, it’s highly likely that the long-awaited sequel won’t eventually see the light of day until it’s entered the mainstream. next year 2021.

game data

  • Saga: The Legend of Zelda
  • Available for: Switch
  • Gender: Adventures, Rol
  • Release date: January 1, 2021

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