To repair the defect of vertical lines on a computer or television display, you can follow the instructions in this article

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A monitor or LCD TV with vertical lines on the display is a very common defect. It can be a vertical line on the LG TV or a Samsung smart TV with vertical stripes.

The brand does not matter, the defect has the same origin. Its causes are several but almost always the origin is found in the connection between the SCALER board or digital analog converter and the LCD display as such.

When the defect is horizontal stripes on the TV the origin of the failure is similar, only that in some screens there are display controller chips on their sides that make it difficult to repair when it is horizontal. Big screens use that system a lot.

Those annoying vertical stripes on a Samsung TV you may be able to remove with this guide. However, sometimes it may not be possible to solve it when the failure is caused by a bump in the display.

The LCD buffer, the special flexible flat conductor some call LVDS, of the English Low Voltage Differential Signalizing, are part of this coupling between the SCALER board and the LCD display.

Better known to all as TCON, this module is in charge of sending signals to the scaler. Many failures of vertical lines, solarization, half white or black screen, among others, are caused by the T-Con module.

Vertical stripes on a Samsung plasma TV are also they have the same origin. Now for the horizontal stripes on a Samsung LED TV, things change, not because it is because of the LED backlight, but because the stripes are horizontal and the defect may be more serious.

It is necessary to clarify that the flexible flat conductor is its name. LVDS is actually a type of signal. What has been called LVDS is the flexible flat conductor due to the type of signal it carries from one circuit to another.

The figure below shows the T-Con module and the flexible conductor that carries the signals LVDS. In this case, the one at the top is the flex that reaches the T-Con from the main board of the TV or monitor. The flexes that appear below go to the scaler.

LVDS flat flex driver on Samsung Smart TV with vertical lines

Vertical lines on the display is a problem that is sometimes easy and sometimes impossible

This defect of vertical lines on the LCD display can even appear on recently purchased televisions and monitors in electronics stores. When that happens there are no problems because the equipment is under warranty.

However, if you bought your TV, things are easy because it is covered by your warranty. But when the defect of vertical lines on the display happens after the warranty is over, you should take the equipment to a technician.

You can try to repair the defect on the screen yourself

On This article describes the way to repair a television or LCD monitor with the defect of vertical lines on the display so that this fault or defect can be fixed by the user himself.

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With a minimum knowledge of electronics, anyone can try to fix the fault with vertical lines on the display.

A brief introduction is made so that the reason for the origin of this fault is understood and it is understood when the defect is irreversible due to a blow or bad handling of the LCD display.

It is necessary to know if the display is good or bad but for that certain instruments are needed and expensive equipment that you can only find in a workshop or specialized store.

This is a simple guide to solve the defect of those annoying vertical lines on the TV or LCD monitor display.

You should keep in mind that there are dozens of LCD display models and brands on the market.

The display may be part of a television, the monitor of your desktop computer or laptop.

The defect of vertical lines in any of them can be treated in the same way since the technology and operating principle is the same.

Causes of the defect of stripes in the screen

As explained in the introductory article to the topic “Repair a monitor or LCD TV for on-screen symptoms “, the LCD display is made up of a series of plates forming layers. What is known as a sandwich.

The flexible conductors that carry the digital signals from the digital analog converter or scaler arrive at the display to be imprisoned between the two plates that cover the liquid crystal to be able to polarize it according to the pulses that arrive. If for any reason the union of the contacts of the flexible conductor with these plates fails, due to a blow, excess heat, humidity, or any other, the result will be those vertical lines that are observed.

You can even completely disappear the image leaving the screen completely blank.

This gives the false idea that it is the digital analog converter board or scaler that is the problem or the T-con.

To give you an idea of ​​how the flex leads attach to the LCD display, here is a picture showing the LCD buffer board with the leads flexible and flat that come out of it to join pressure between the two plates that cover the LCD film.

If any of these connectors have physical damage, the result will be vertical lines on the screen and even blank.

False contacts on screens cause stripes

As they do not receive any polarization signal, the light generated by fluorescent lamps or by a grouping of < span rel="wikipedia noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" title="Light-emitting diode">LEDs, depending on the type, will pass without difficulty reflected by the rear panel of the display.

When it is verified that the scaler plate is good and that it is sending the correct signal to the display block, it is then that it is ensured that the fault is caused by the way in which the polarization plates that are connected are connected. they contain the liquid crystal molecules or the transistor system TFT.

Electronic board that couples the connectors to the LCD in a TV

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Change those connectors to the display, when the fault is in its input, it is almost impossible without damaging the system .

If the problem is in the union of the conductors to the plate that distributes them to the LCD display, something can be done with the use of a hot air gun.

A hot air gun can be used to disassemble the soldered joint of these flexible conductors but it will be necessary to proceed with great care and comply with all the regulations indicated by the rework procedure so as not to damage them due to being very sensitive to heat.

How the LCD or TFT screen is connected to the image stage

The defect of vertical lines on the display may be because the flexible LVDS conductor that goes in the connector has false contact.

This false contact may be caused by oxides in the connector contacts.

Rust can be a result of moisture or vapors from faulty electrolytic capacitors.

To fix the oxidized connector defect on the display board, disconnect the LVDS conductor and apply an electronic cleaning spray.

This loosens the oxide that causes the defect in the display connector.

A plastic or nylon cell brush should be used to remove the remains of oxides. Isopropyl alcohol is then applied to finish cleaning and the circuit is allowed to dry.

Once the connector and the LVDS conductor contacts are cleaned, it is reconnected and tested.

In case of looseness due to poor pressure due to deterioration of the connector, silicone can be applied to fix it and prevent its movement.

This can be done with a hot glue gun. The LVDS cable or conductor that joins the scaler board with the display can also be the reason for the failure and should be replaced.

It is not a common failure because it is not subject to movement but the rust itself is reason enough to change that flexible conductor.

The tracks of the flat conductor are very fine and any oxidizing agent deteriorates them easily.

When you cannot solve the defect of vertical lines on the display, you should seek technical help.

For repair an LCD monitor or TV it is necessary to have knowledge of electronics as well of the necessary instruments and equipment.

However, with a little knowledge and using logic, you can fix an appliance and save money.

Some screen images of symptoms of LCD display failure located in the Scaler or in flat and flexible LVDS conductor.

vertical lines screen symptom and half with image

Vertical lines on LCD monitor with defect in scaler connector

Various images of the defect of vertical lines or stripes on the screen of the TV, laptop or PC monitor.

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How to Fix LED LCD TV with horizontal & vertical lines on the screen


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